Section 29-3 Districts established.

    For the purpose of regulating and restricting the erection, construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, or use of buildings or land, and regulating and restricting the location of trades and industries and the location and design of buildings for specific purposes, and to regulate and limit the height and bulk of buildings, and the area of yards and other open spaces, and to regulate and limit the density of population, the city is hereby divided into districts as follows:

District A-1,
Agricultural District
District R-1,
One-Family Dwelling District
District R-2,
Two-Family Dwelling District
District R-3,
Medium Density Multiple-Family Dwelling District
District R-4,
High Density Multiple-Family Dwelling District
District RMH,
Residential Manufactured Home District
District PUD,
Planned Unit Development District
Commercial and Office:
District O-1,Office District
District O-2,
Special Office District
District O-P,
Planned Office District
District C-1,
Intermediate Business District
District C-2,
Central Business District
District C-3,
General Business District
District C-P,
Planned Business District
District M-R,
Research, Development and Office Park District
District M-C,
Controlled Industrial District
District M-I,
General Industrial District
Special or overlay districts, supplemental to underlying zoning:
District F-1,
Floodplain District
District FW,
Floodway Overlay District
District FF,
Flood Fringe Overlay District
District FD,
Flood Drainage Overlay District
District M-U,
Underground Space

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