Section 27-99 Current transformers.

    (a) When, in the judgment of the director, the maximum load on a service will exceed two hundred (200) amperes, such service shall be metered by the use of current transformers. The department will furnish the current transformers, and if installed outdoors, the department will install the current transformers. The customer shall provide a suitable mounting space for the current transformers at the supply end of the service entrance.

    (b) If mutually agreed by the customer and the department, the current transformer may be installed indoors. If installed indoors, the customer shall furnish and install an approved enclosure and shall install the department's current transformers in the enclosure. When current transformers are used, the customer shall furnish all material required for the meter loop in accordance with all other applicable provisions of these ordinances.

(Code 1964, § 15.452)