Section 27-96 Meter location.

    (a) Meters shall normally be installed outdoors in a location approved by the department.

    (b) Meters may be installed indoors by special approval of the director, provided the customers agree to the following:

    (1)    To leave the premises unlocked during all regular working hours of the department, or to otherwise provide ready access to the meters at all times.

    (2)    To provide a clear space of at least three (3) feet horizontally from all meters and to provide a clear, unobstructed passageway to all meters at all times.

    (3)    If special meter-mounting equipment is required, such as group meter sockets, or combination meter socket and service switches, the customer shall furnish and install such equipment.

    (c) Meters outdoors shall be installed a minimum of five and one-half (5.5) feet and/or a maximum of seven (7) feet above the ground or other accessible pedestrian surface. Meters indoors shall be installed at a minimum of three (3) feet and/or a maximum of seven (7) feet from the floor.

(Code 1964, § 15.451)