Section 27-93 Underground service.

    (a) Underground services are required in all new residential subdivisions, except that where poles and overhead lines have previously been installed or are required for reasons permitted by this Code, the service may be provided by the use of a service drop.

    (b) Underground residential services shall be installed by the department at no cost to the person or parties requesting the service, except that when rock excavation or other extreme conditions create costs in excess of normal installation costs, as established by the department records, the department may require the person or parties requesting the service to pay that portion of the costs which are in excess of a normal installation.

    (c) All underground services, except residential underground services, , shall be made in the same manner and under the same terms and conditions as an extension to the distribution system. (See section 27-88.)

    (d) Underground services shall terminate in a junction box, meter socket or other enclosure located outside of the building or facility being served. The location of this enclosure shall be as designated and/or approved by the director. It shall be the customer's responsibility to extend his service entrance from this enclosure.

    (e) Any residential customer may request the department to extend the underground service beyond the approved and designated termination point. (See paragraph (d) of this section.) Upon receipt of such request, the department shall make such extension under the following conditions:

    (1)    The installation shall be made in complete compliance with the standards, specifications and construction requirements of the department.

    (2)    The junction box, meter socket or other enclosure shall be located on the load end of the underground service and such location shall remain on the outside of the building.

    (3)    The service line extension shall be made at the same time that the normal service is installed.

    (4)    The customer shall pay the department for the actual cost of the additional service line, as established by the department.

(Code 1964, § 15.444)