Section 27-56 Customer's water installation.

    (a) The customer's water installation shall extend from:

    (1)    The discharge of the water meter, where the meter is located at or near the property line.

    (2)    The property line, where the meter is located elsewhere on the property.

    (3)    The water main tap, where an unmetered fire protection or sprinkler system serves the property, or where a private water main is extended from the city water main.

    (b) The customer assumes all responsibility for the construction, maintenance, and any necessary relocation of the customer's water installation; he shall make every effort to keep this system free from leaks. Apparent leaks in the customer's water installation, whether registered on the water meter or not, shall be repaired by the customer within ten (10) days of receipt of written notice by the department. If repairs are not made, the department shall issue written notice of disconnection, and five (5) days thereafter may discontinue water service until the leak is repaired. If, in the judgment of the department, an apparent leak in the customer's water installation endangers public safety, constitutes a serious nuisance, or wastes a considerable amount of water, the department may discontinue water service without previous notice to the customer. Hidden leaks in the customer's water installation shall be repaired, after discovery, under the same provisions as apparent leaks. If any leak is known or suspected to have registered on the water meter, and if the customer, upon discovery or notification of the leak, has promptly repaired or caused to be repaired such leak, the customer's water and sewer charge (if affected) for a period not exceeding three (3) months, including the billing period during which the leak was discovered and two (2) previous periods, shall be adjusted downward in the amount of one-half the normal charge for the excess water.

    (c) If any customer fails to promptly repair apparent leaks or hidden leaks after notification, or to take other measures to eliminate the wasting of water through leaking installations, no adjustment of monthly charges will be made.

(Code 1964, § 15.330)