Section 27-54 Metering.

    (a) Each of the following types of facilities shall comprise a metering unit and be metered individually; provided, however, that the owners of a multiple family facility shall have the option of installing a single water meter for each facility, but the rate charged for water service on such single meter shall be as set forth under subsection (c) herein:


    Boarding or lodging house.

    Club; accommodating or assembly-type cooperative house.


    Dwelling, one-family.

    Dwelling unit in multiple-family building.


    Industrial or manufacturing plant.

    Mobile home park.

    Motel or tourist court.

    The general rule for establishing metering units for any other types of facilities not mentioned above shall be one meter for each family unit used for residential purposes and one meter for each business or industry.

    Exception A: Commercial business property may be considered a single metering unit when, in the opinion of the director, it is not practical to separately meter each business.

    Exception B: Owners of mobile home parks shall have the option of installing a water meter on each individual mobile home, provided they install a water main system within the park, which is certified by the director or his designee as meeting city designs standards and which is in accordance with the city's water main extension policy, and that such water mains along with necessary easements are dedicated to the city.

    (b) When requesting water service, the customer may be required to furnish information as to his expected water demand. The department shall then determine the proper type and size of meter to be installed. The department reserves the right to change the meter size at any time in order to improve registry or flow. All meters having openings four (4) inches in diameter or larger shall be accompanied with a properly valved meter bypass as a part of the meter box installation.

    (c) Whenever a mobile home park, apartment house or other multiple family facility is served with water through a single meter, the rate for such service shall be determined as follows:

    (1)    The minimum charge for each meter shall be the appropriate minimum charge set forth under section 27-122 or section 27-123.

    (2)    The total usage beyond the minimum shall be divided by the total number of residential dwelling units on the meter and the charge will be determined as if each unit had an individual meter (but not including the minimum charge).

    (3)    Total billing will then be the total of subsections (1) and (2) above.

    (d) Statement for service furnished to multiple-family units through a single meter shall be sent only to the person or party who requested such service and established an account with the department for such service. In no case will the department send individual statements to tenants of such facilities for their proportionate share of the service furnished.

(Code 1964, § 15.320; Ord. No. 13414, § 1, 8-17-92)