Section 27-53 Same--Location.

    (a) The location of the water service line, in relation to the water main and the property to be served, shall be determined by the department.

    (b) A permanent meter box shall be installed at the customer's property line in a location determined by the department. The meter box shall be installed to match the existing land surface, unless the customer submits a written description or plan of proposed relandscaping to the department.

    (c) When it is impractical to install the meter box at the property line, as determined by the director, the water meter may be installed indoors or elsewhere on the property to be served, provided it is protected from damage or freezing and, when located indoors, is readily accessible in an unlocked room or enclosure. If a meter becomes inaccessible, in the option of the department, the customer must make provision for its relocation or for a remote reading device. Regardless of its location, the customer shall be responsible for damage to the meter or its appurtenances, caused by the customer's negligence or failure to properly safeguard and protect such meter and appurtenances from hazards.

    (d) The department reserves the right to relocate the water service line or any appurtenance thereof, at its own expense. If the customer desires relocation, or a change in elevation, of the water service line or any appurtenances thereof, he shall make written request to the department and deposit the estimated cost for labor, equipment and material, plus overhead, to complete this relocation or change with the department. In the event of an underestimate, the customer will be billed for the remainder; in the event of an overestimate, the excess will be refunded.

    (e) If the customer should relandscape his property, making it difficult to read the meter, the department may relocate or change the elevation of the meter and meter box and charge the customer the actual cost of labor, equipment and material, plus overhead therefor.

(Code 1964, § 15.311)