Section 27-164 Energy efficiency reimbursement.

        (a)      The city hereby establishes the reimbursement programs listed in this section, subject to the availability of funds for such purposes, for qualified electric customers of the water and light utility.  

    (b)     The  following programs are established to encourage the purchase of approved equipment and approved installations:

        a.    New Home with Energy Star

        b.    Residential Energy Efficiency

        c.    Renewable Energy Projects

        d.    Commercial Energy Efficiency

    (c)     In order to be eligible for reimbursement, the customer must follow all program guidelines.  Projects must be approved by the water and light department before the reimbursement will be awarded.

    (d)    Reimbursements will not be made in excess of documented expenses.

    (e)    For purposes of providing electric customer reimbursements, the water and light department shall establish policy and criteria for each program with regard to proper proof of purchase and installation of equipment to insure the integrity of each project.  Each proposed project shall be reviewed by the water and light department to insure that it provides the intended benefits of the program.

    (f)    Reimbursements exceeding the maximum amount normally allowed under program policies will be conditional on a financial assessment by the water and light department and must be pre-approved by the water and light director. Such reimbursements shall be reported to the Water and Light Advisory Board. Policies and procedures are subject to change.

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