Section 27-147 Installation generally.

    (a) Street lighting shall be installed on all public streets and alleys within the city limits, except as herein provided.

    (b) Normally, such lighting shall be installed at the time streets are improved and the adjoining areas are developed.

    (c) Unimproved streets shall be lighted if they are open to public travel and if they are being used sufficiently, by vehicles or pedestrians, as provided herein, to warrant such lighting.

    (d) Streets that are dedicated to the public, but not open to public travel, shall not be lighted until such time as they are opened to the public and meet all other requirements set forth herein.

    (e) Lighting will not be required on streets that are open to public use but which are located in undeveloped areas where the volume of use is less than twelve (12) vehicles or pedestrians during the night hour of maximum travel.

    (f) Lighting on all state controlled highways or roadways within the city limits, including interchanges, ramps, outer-roadways or any other traveled way within the limits of state highway right-of-way, shall be in accordance with the policy of, and as permitted by the state highway commission.

    (g) The director of public works, in cooperation with the director of the water and light department, shall determine the need for new or additional lighting on all public streets and alleys. This determination shall consider the number of vehicles and pedestrians using the street during the night hours as herein provided. Priorities, when necessary, shall be given to those streets having the highest volume of use.

(Code 1964, § 15.710; Ord. No. 16049, § 1, 6-21-99)

(Ord. 16049, Amended, 06/21/1999, Prior Text)