Section 25-60 Installation of improvements.

    (a) Improvements required. All required public improvements, including but not limited to streets and utilities, shall be installed or constructed in accordance with the design standards and requirements contained in sections 25-27-33, or in related public improvements standard specifications or policies established by the city departments charged with responsibility therefor.

    (b) It is the intention of this chapter to cause completion of installation of all water, sewer or other underground utilities prior to construction of streets, so that any breaking through of streets will be held to an absolute minimum. It is also the intention of this chapter to provide for the continued carrying out of existing city policy regarding the installation of street lights, electric lines, fire hydrants, water mains and other utilities until such policies are changed by the council.

    (c) Inspection and certification. Inspection of required improvements shall be made during construction and installation to ensure satisfactory completion thereof, in accordance with inspection requirements adopted by the council or promulgated by the city departments charged with responsibility therefor.

    (d) Disclaimer of estoppel. The level of public improvements established at the time of subdivision is taken to be that required to provide an adequate level of service for the land use or uses contemplated by the subdivision itself. Approval of a final plat, and acceptance of improvements therein by the council, shall not be construed to prevent the council from causing public improvements to be enhanced, enlarged or upgraded, in order to accommodate a higher level of service demand attendant to any subsequent change in the use of land within the subdivision, whether by benefit assessment, agreement among the parties or by such other mechanism as may be available now or may subsequently become available to the council.

    (e) Submission of tracings. Upon notice that the improvements have been completed in accordance with the city's requirements, the engineer shall, under his seal and signature, submit as-built tracings for the street, storm sewer and sanitary sewer construction.

(Code 1964, § 19-565; Ord. No. 10099, § 1, 3-5-84)