Section 24-102 Appeal procedure.

    Any person aggrieved by the denial of a parade permit shall have the right to appeal the denial in the following manner:

    (1)    Within five (5) days of the denial of the request, the appeal shall be taken to the city manager, who will hear the appeal within three (3) days of the request.

    (2)    If the city manager upholds the denial of the parade permit, the appealing party may, within three (3) days of the denial, appeal to a subcommittee of the city council appointed by the mayor at the time of the appeal. The subcommittee shall hear the appeal within five (5) days of the time the notice has been taken.

    (3)    If the permit is still denied, the appealing party may, by filing notice within five (5) days of the above finding, bring his appeal before the entire city council at its next regular meeting.

(Code 1964, § 12.346)