Prior to the adoption of Ord. 17837 on 09/15/2003, Section 22-263 read as follows.

    (a) There is hereby levied on each wastewater system user having any sewer connection with the wastewater system of the city or otherwise discharging sewage, industrial waste, or other liquids, either directly or indirectly into the city's wastewater system, a sewage service charge. Subject to the exceptions provided in this article, such charge shall be based upon the quantity of water used in or on the premises as the same is measured by a water or sewer meter or sewer meters approved by the city; provided, however, that if actual sewer service cannot reasonably be determined from the water or sewage so metered, whether due to defect, tampering or causes unknown, the amount of sewage, waste or waters discharged into such system shall be estimated and billed as provided for in section 27-19. Additional charges for extra strength sewage, toxic pollutants, and wastewater monitoring will be levied where applicable.

    (b) The monthly charges for residential and public authority customer classifications shall be based on the average monthly billing of water usage during the immediate preceding calendar months of January, February and March. Where such basis is not considered representative of sewage discharge for public authority customers, the provisions of section 27-19 of this Code or any other reasonable basis of estimating sewage discharge from such customers may be used. Commercial and industrial charges shall be based on one hundred (100) per cent of the monthly metered water used, except as otherwise provided in this Code.

    (1)     Basic sewage service charge. Each user of the wastewater system of the city shall pay for the use of such system monthly sewage service charges based on the following rates:

User Charge
Capital Charge
Service charge, per month:
All customers....
$ 3.02 3.16  
$ 0.71 0.74  
$ 3.73 3.90  
Quantity charge, per Ccf:
All volume....
$ 0.742 0.775  
0.144 0.150  
0.886 0.925  
Ccf = 100 cubic feet

    (2)     Extra strength charge. Wastewater discharged to the wastewater system from commercial or industrial users shall be subject to an extra strength charge when the BOD or total suspended solids concentration exceeds three hundred (300) milligrams per liter (mg/l) by weight. All analyses shall be performed on composite samples collected at no less than hourly intervals over a twenty-four-hour period.

        Extra strength charges shall be calculated based on one hundred (100) per cent of metered water use, except as otherwise provided in section 22-269 of this Code, in accordance with the following formula:

        S = Vs  x  0.00624  x  [$0.110 0.115  (BOD - 300) + $0.0752 0.0786  (SS - 300)]


Surcharge in dollars monthly.
Sewage volume in 100 cubic feet per month.
Conversion factor for hundred cubic feet to million pounds.
$ 0.110 0.115  
Unit charge for BOD in dollars per pound; of which $ 0.086 0.090     represents the user charge portion and $0.024 0.025    represents capital charges.
BOD strength index in mg/l by weight.
Allowed BOD and suspended solids strengths in mg/l by weight.
$ 0.0752 0.0786  
Unit charge for suspended solids in dollars per pound; of which $ 0.0579 0.0605    represents the user charge portion and $0.0173 0.0181    represents capital charges.
Suspended solids strength index in mg/l by weight.

    (3)     Monitoring charge. When regulations as set forth by the federal government, state and city require monitoring of the waste from a commercial or industrial user, whether for strength calculations or for NPDES compliance, that user shall pay a monitoring charge.

        The monitoring charge shall consist of all costs for personnel, material and equipment used to collect and analyze samples from the user's wastewater.

        The exact charge shall be based on actual costs and shall be determined by the director.

    (4)     Toxic pollutant charge. Any user which discharges any toxic pollutants which cause an increase in the cost of managing the effluent or sludge from the city's treatment system shall pay for such increased costs.

    (5)     Base charge. When residential property is vacant and the customer has requested discontinuance of a metered service the customer shall be charged a base charge of three dollars and sixty-two seventy-eight  cents ($3.62 78 ) per month in lieu of all other charges for sewage services.

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