Section 14-309 Notice of impoundment.

    (a)    When a vehicle has been impounded for unpaid parking tickets, notice of impoundment shall be mailed to the registered owner no later than the next business day following the impoundment.  The notice shall:

    (1)    Identify the vehicle and inform the owner why it was impounded;

    (2)    State where the vehicle is impounded;

    (3)    Inform the owner how the vehicle may be redeemed;

    (4)    Inform the owner that the vehicle is subject to a lien for towing and storage charges; and

    (5)    State that the owner may request a hearing concerning the legality of the impoundment and explain the procedure for requesting a hearing.

    (b)    Notice is not required to be mailed if the identity of the owner of the vehicle is not available from the appropriate motor vehicle licensing authority.

(Ord. No. 19250, § 1, 10-2-06)

(Ord. 19250, Added, 10/02/2006)