Section 13-77 Register to be kept; availability for inspection.

    (a) Every pawnbroker shall keep a register of all loans and purchases, and the names of all persons who have left any property of any description on deposit as a collateral security or as a delivery on sale thereof. Opposite each name and date shall be written in plain hand the person's age and motor vehicle operator's or chauffeur's license number, or such other identification of public record, with photographs, as may be required by the business license administrator; a full description of such property purchased or received or deposited as collateral security; the manufacturer's identifying insignia or serial number if applicable; the time when the loan falls due; the amount of purchase money or the amount loaned, and the interest charged. He shall give the party negotiating or selling, a plain written or printed receipt for the articles purchased having on each a copy of the entry required by this section and kept in his register. He shall not be entitled to make any charge for such receipt.

    (b) The register shall, at all times, be open to inspection by the chief of police, his designee, or any law enforcement officer.

(Code 1964, § 11.1530)