Section 13-57 Invalidation and revocation of license.

    In the event that any information is falsely given in an application for a license, or that a license is illicitly gained or retained, or if any licensee shall be or become ineligible to possess a license under standards set out in this article, is found guilty of any charge involving the misuse of firearms, or becomes manifestly or demonstrably incapable of meeting the safety, law, or skills standards, or if any licensee shall willfully conceal information or facts concerning such matters, or fails to maintain the surety bond required hereunder, such license shall be subject to immediate revocation. The business license administrator shall immediately give notice of revocation and afford the licensee opportunity to be heard by the business license administrator. The business license administrator is empowered to conduct ongoing investigations to determine any licensee's continued fitness to hold any license issued hereunder.

(Ord. No. 10810, § 1, 12-2-85; Ord. No. 11482, § 1, 5-18-87)