Section 13-292 License application.

(a)    Applicants for a license under this division must file with the business license administrator an application on a form furnished by the business license administrator, which shall give the following information:

(1)    Name, local address and telephone number of the applicant.    (If a corporation, the state in which the business is incorporated.)

    (2)    Permanent address of the applicant.
    (3)    Name and address of the person for whom the business will be conducted.

    (4)    Name and address of the person or persons having management or supervisory responsibility of the firm represented by the applicant and any other information necessary to properly identify such persons.

    (5)    The place or places in the city where applicant proposes to carry on business and the length of time during which the business will be conducted.  

    (6)    A statement of the nature and character of the business to be conducted under the license and any merchandise to be offered for sale by the applicant.

    (7)    If the applicant has been convicted of a felony, a statement of the nature of each such offense and the city, county, and state where  each conviction occurred.  

    (8)    A letter of approval or copy of lease from the owner or agent of the premises to be licensed.

    (9)    A valid Missouri sales tax number.  

    (10)    Any other relevant information required by the business license administrator.

(b)    The application shall be accompanied by payment of a twenty dollar ($20.00) fee to cover the cost of investigation.

(Ord. No. 17023, § 1, 9-17-01)