Section 13-29 Exemptions.

    The terms of this article shall not be held to include persons selling for nonresident, bona fide wholesale establishments to retail dealers in the city, nor to milkmen, ice men or newsboys whose employers have been duly licensed by the city, nor shall it include or apply to farmers or producers or any employee of any farmer or producer who offers for sale or sells, or who peddles from house to house or in any market, fruits, vegetables or garden products produced and grown by such farmer or producer from lands cultivated by him within the state; however, every such farmer or producer who claims exemption from the license requirements of this article shall file with the business license administrator a certificate under oath, setting forth the full legal description of the land upon which such farm or garden products are produced and grown, and which certificate is certified to by the county assessor of the county in which such land is located; and, all attractions, devices, races or exhibitions under direct contract with the Boone County Agricultural and Mechanical Association (Boone County Fair) are exempt.

(Code 1964, § 11.145)