Section 13-19 Business license administrator.

    (a) Position Created. There shall be a business license administrator under the personnel ordinance of the city, who shall possess qualifications including those established for a police officer of the city and who shall perform all the duties of this article specified to be performed by the business license administrator. The administrator shall be under the general supervision of the director of finance, and shall be subject to his control and direction.

    (b) Duties. The business license administrator shall accept all applications for licenses provided by this article; and shall investigate all applications and, upon investigation, determine that the license sought be either issued or not issued, under the provisions of this article, and shall:

    (1)     Make rules. Promulgate and enforce all reasonable rules and regulations approved by the finance director.

    (2)     Adopt forms. Adopt all forms as prescribed, the information to be given therein as to character and other relevant matters for all necessary papers.

    (3)     Require affidavits. Require applicants to submit all affidavits and oaths necessary to the administration of this article.

    (4)     Obtain endorsements. Submit all applications, in a proper case, to interested city officials for their endorsements thereon as to compliance by the applicant with all city regulations which they have the duty of enforcing.

    (5)     Investigate. Investigate and determine the eligibility of any applicant for a license as prescribed herein.
    (6)     Examine records. Examine, with the express consent of the city council, the records and books of any applicant or licensee when reasonably necessary to the administration and enforcement of this article, and then only to such extent necessary to obtain an accurate gross sales amount.

    (7)     Give notice. Notify any applicant of the acceptance or rejection of his application; and shall, upon his refusal of any license or permit, at the applicant's request, state in writing the reasons therefor and deliver them to the applicant.

    (c) Information Confidential. The business license administrator shall keep all information furnished or secured under the authority of this article in strict confidence. Such information shall not be subject to public inspection and shall be kept so that the contents thereof shall not become known except to the persons charged with the administration of this article. Any city officer or employee disclosing confidential information under this section shall be subject to immediate dismissal.

(Code 1964, § 11.050)