Section 13-186 Definitions.

    The following terms are, for the purpose of this article, defined as follows:

    Acceptable liquid wastes. Those liquid wastes which may be discharged into the city's designated disposal facilities. Acceptable liquid wastes are limited to septic tank pumpings, portable/chemical toilets, domestic holding tanks, food service grease traps, waste activated sludge from package waste activated sludge plants and liquid from stabilization ponds.

    Licensed waste hauler. A waste hauler licensed by the City of Columbia.

    Liquid waste. Sand trap pumpings, septic tank pumpings, portable/chemical toilet pumpings, food service or petroleum service pumpings, sludge generated from domestic wastewater treatment plants and lagoons, waste or used oils and lubricants, chemical wastes, waste from commercial or industrial treatment systems, storm drain sludges and other waste as defined by the director of public works.

    Waste vehicles. All vehicles and vessels used for the transportation of the contents of privies, liquid waste or  manure.

    Waste hauler. Any person, company, corporation or other entity that collects, hauls, transports or disposes of the contents of privies, liquid waste or manure .

(Ord. No. 14915, § 1, 8-5-96; Ord. No. 17636, § 1, 4-7-03)

    Cross reference(s)Definitions and rules of construction generally, § 1-2.

(Ord. 17636, Amended, 04/07/2003, Prior Text)