Section 12-76 Termination of domestic partnership.

    (a)    Termination.  A domestic partnership ends when:

(1)    One of the domestic partners dies, marries a person other than their domestic partner, or enters into a civil union or registered domestic partnership with someone other than his or her registered domestic partner; or

(2)    A notice of termination of domestic partnership has been filed by one or both domestic partners with the city.

    (b)    Notice of termination. If the facts affirmed in the declaration of domestic partnership cease to be true, one or both parties to a domestic partnership shall file a notice of termination of domestic partners with the department. Upon receipt, the city shall return a copy of the notice marked "filed" to each of the partners if jointly filed; or two copies to the filing partner. Unless the partners jointly file the notice, the partner filing the notice shall, within five (5) days, send a copy of the filed notice to the other partner's last known address. However, this requirement shall not apply if the termination is due to the death of one of the domestic partners.

    (c)    Effective termination date. Termination of a domestic partnership shall be effective upon filing of the notice of termination of domestic partnership with the department by one or both partners, or on the date of the death of one of the domestic partners.

    (d)    Notice to third parties.  Following the termination of a domestic partnership, each former domestic partner who has received or qualified for any benefit or right based upon the existence of a domestic partnership and receipt of that benefit or enjoyment of that right has not otherwise terminated, shall give prompt notification to any third party who provides such benefit or right that the domestic partnership has terminated.

    (e)    Failure to give notice.  Failure to provide notice to third parties as prescribed in the section shall not delay or prevent the termination of the domestic partnership.

(Ord. No. 20230, § 1. 4-6-09 ; Ord. No. 21416, §1, 9-4-12 )

(Ord. 21416, Amended, 09/04/2012, Prior Text; Ord. 20230, Added, 04/06/2009)