Section 11-293 Responsibility of proprietors.

    (a) The proprietor or the other person having control of a place governed by this article shall prominently post the entrance thereof with "NO SMOKING" or "SMOKING IN DESIGNATED AREAS ONLY" signs, as applicable, in letters no less than one inch in height, and shall prominently post "SMOKING" or "NO SMOKING" signs, whichever is appropriate, with letters of not less than one inch in height, or the international "NO SMOKING" symbol consisting of a pictorial representation of a burning cigarette enclosed in a red circle with a bar across it in every place where smoking is regulated by this article.

    (b) Every theatre owner, manager, or operator shall post signs conspicuously in the lobby stating that smoking is prohibited.

    (c) Every public portion of grocery stores and food markets is required to have posted "NO SMOKING" signs at specific locations throughout each market as follows: signs must be visible to people entering the market, people at meat and produce counters, and people in all checkout lanes.

    (d) The proprietor or other person having control of a place set out in this article upon observing a person smoking in violation of this article shall request that person stop smoking.

(Ord. No. 11375, § 1, 2-16-87; Ord. No. 12777, § 1, 10-22-90; Ord. No. 14736 § 1, 1-16-96)