Section 11-263 Nuisance declared; exceptions.

    (a)  The presence upon any private property within the city of an unlicensed, dismantled, inoperable or junk-filled vehicle is declared to be a public safety hazard and a nuisance.

    (b)   The declaration of nuisance in this section shall not apply to:
  1. any property that is the site of a lawful motor vehicle sales or service business, a lawful towing or storage facility or a lawful junkyard,

(2)        any vehicle that is kept or stored in a garage or similar fully enclosed structure,
  1. any vehicle that is enclosed within a locked fenced area and is not clearly visible from adjacent public or private property,
(4)    any unlicensed vehicle that is kept or stored in a carport provided that the unlicensed vehicle is not also a dismantled or inoperable or junk-filled vehicle.

(Ord. No. 16982, § 2, 8-6 -01)